Community Impact

One of our main desires as the Church should be to daily become more and more like the person of Jesus Christ; to take on His character, His heart, His attitude, His mind and way of thinking , His authority, how close He was to the Father, and His commitment to making disciples, sharing the Gospel and serving others in love and humility.
Luke 6:40 says "the student is not greater than the teacher but when the student is fully trained he will become like the teacher." This reminds us that God's intent is that every believer would be able to take on the character and purposes of Christ as we eagerly await His return. Sometimes the temptation can be to get too wrapped up in our own lives, feelings, and emotions and even how we benefit from "church" that we lose sight of this hard yet rewarding goal. Our hope is that the Holy Spirit would empower you, change you, and teach you to pursue wholeheartedly becoming more like Christ in every aspect of your lives.

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